About Us

Welcome to CRDTech, Australia’s premier diesel tuning powerhouse. 
With professionally developed, Australian written tunes for Australian conditions, don’t go sub-par to get the best tune for your vehicle

We work hard to provide you the best quality diesel tuning in Australia

CRDTech pride ourselves on using the latest and greatest technologies to ensure that you get the most from your Diesel vehicle. Our goal is to ensure that we improve and continually adapt our custom in-house tunes for efficiency and performance in Australian conditions. 

Our Company

With Dealers located Australia wide and into New Zealand we’re confident that there is a CRDTech representative near you to provide your pride and joy with the best quality support, performance modifications, maintenance and more. From DPF and EGR removal, performance tuning on our in-house dynamometre with custom parametres set to the Australian conditions we’re the best value bet for your vehicles. Click below to find your nearest dealer